How you know Your Lawn Service Took the Right Steps

Landscaping Company Culturing a green, healthy lawn is a very fickle thing. When hiring a professional to install a lawn to meet your needs, you want to ensure they are taking a few basic steps.


Compacted soil is the enemy to growth of any kind. Compacted soil is void of oxygen and impervious to water. Aerating soil with an aerator or completely de-compacting it with a rototiller is an imperative initial step for planting any grass seed. This ensures the grass seed receive the appropriate amount of oxygen and hydration for growing into healthy grass.


Topsoil is full of healthy organisms and nutrients crucial for grass seed to take root. It is the lifeblood to growth of any kind. But the soil already present in your yard is aged and likely doesn’t have as much active nutrients as fresh, newly harvested topsoil. This is why it is important it is laid wherever you want the grass to take root.

Dense Seed Distribution

A light dusting or sprinkling of grass seed will give you the exact results you would expect; thinly distributed grass growth lacking in density. Making sure the grass seed is heavily and densely distributed is your best assurance you can expect a nice thick grass carpet to appear over the ensuing months.

Peat Moss

Once the elements are all in place for you to expect a nice lush lawn, a layer of peat moss is very important. Not only does peat moss add an additional source of nutrients atop the laid grass seed, it also keeps the seed in place for the duration of the growth period. This is not only because the typical seed-eating bird despises peat moss, but once watered, the layer of peat moss weighs the grass seed down from blowing away in the wind.

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