How to Choose the Right Shape for Your Swimming Pool

Pool Design & Installation in Annapolis, MDSo, you’ve decided to take the leap—or the dive, shall we say—and invest in a swimming pool for your backyard. As long as you take care of it well, you’re in for many years of fun, happiness, and premium relaxation!

Before you can bring your pool to life, you’ll need to go through the design process with your pool installation experts. One of the things you’ll have to decide on is a shape.

There are a few considerations you’ll want to make when choosing the ideal shape for your pool:

Consider Your Space

Obviously, the first thing you’ll want to factor in as you’re determining the best shape for your pool is how much room you have to work with. Take into account both the existing landscape and any other features you may want to add in the future. These could be pool features, such as a deck, slide, or jump rocks, or other landscaping elements in your yard, such as an outdoor kitchen, patio, or water feature.

Consider Your Style

A pool with a shape that doesn’t match the style of your home or any existing landscape features is going to look out of place. That’s why it’s important to consider how you want your yard to look and feel as a whole when you design your pool shape.

Do you prefer a contemporary space? Or do you need something that blends with the classical architecture of your home? Are you going for more of a natural-looking sanctuary vibe? These are the elements that will help you find which pool shape fits best.

Consider How You’ll Use It

Think about how you plan on using your pool and who will be in it the most. Is this going to be a family area? Will you need to arrange for easy mobility access? Are you primarily using it to exercise and swim laps? If you don’t choose a shape that accommodates the function you have in mind for your pool, you’re not going to end up getting much use out of it!

The pool design and installation process at VistaPro Landscape & Design includes a complimentary site evaluation to help you get started. We’ll survey your space, discuss your needs and vision with you, and help you choose the best shape, style, and features for what you have in mind.

Call us today so we can get started on building the pool of your dreams!