How Pergolas Can Improve Your Property


Pergolas What is a pergola? It’s an archway in a garden, park or yard that’s made of a framework covered with trained climbing or trailing plants.

VistaPro Landscape & Design recommends adding a pergola to your outdoor living space if you want to enhance the look and feel of that space. Pergolas add a nice visual element to a patio, deck or yard. Because they are both vertical and horizontal, they provide a place for plants to thrive, while looking pretty and even offering some much needed shade to people on sunny summer days.

Why should you have a pergola on your property this summer… and for the summers to come?

Outline Space

First, they define space, giving definition to your yard. Under the pergola, you’ve got room to entertain people. It’s a great place for a table, chairs, etc. When you and your guests want some place to sit and relax, the ideal place is under a lovely pergola.

Chance to Privacy

Do you like having some privacy in your yard? With a pergola, you can hang drapes, screens or lattice work on one or more sides– effectively creating a “wall” to keep nosey neighbors from seeing/hearing your business! If you have lattice work, utilize it and other parts of the pergola for plants, adding “green space” with ivy, wisteria, grape vines, honeysuckle and/or clematis. Plants that grow from the ground up can then create a brilliant natural ceiling in your yard, intertwining along the way among the boards.

Help Your Resale Value

Did you know pergolas add value to your home? Gazebos can be expensive, while pergolas are more affordable– yet you still get a nice place to sit outside that looks attractive… If you were to sell the house, buyers would pay special attention to the quality of the landscaping. Having a nice pergola in the yard can help sell the place while also making it worth more.

Finally, know this: pergolas can “fit in” with the look you’re going for in your yard– they can be made from vinyl, metal or cedar. VistaPro can help you decide what makes sense for your yard, as well as your budget!

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