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Deck Maintenance Schedule & Tips

Wooden Backyard Deck with Table and Chairs Looking Out on Green Landscape

Your deck is exposed to the elements for all seasons year-round. The potentially vast amount of sun, rain, snow, and ice can cause damage. Seasonal deck maintenance is crucial to having a safe, great-looking deck for year-round enjoyment. Spending a few hours each season practicing proper maintenance will keep your deck sealed, free of rot,… Read more »

What Are the Most Popular Materials for Pool Decks?

Pool Deck Materials

Are you thinking of having a company like VistaPro Landscape & Design install a new pool deck around your pool this coming summer? Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting the kind of deck you’ll ultimately get installed. Concrete Many in-ground pool decks are made of concrete. Available in a variety of… Read more »

Things to Consider When Building a Pool Deck

Pool Deck Installations

Are you thinking about adding a pool deck? VistaPro Landscape & Design designs and builds pool decks for people around Baltimore, DC, Annapolis and beyond. Usually, a person’s pool is a centerpiece of their backyard. And while some people don’t have pool decks, most do because they’re convenient, helpful (to get in and out of… Read more »