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Things to Check on Your Lawn This Summer

Summer Landscaping Tips

You’ve probably spent most of the spring trying to get your lawn in order. Now that summer has finally come around, you should continue to keep a close eye on it to make sure it’s always looking its best. Here are a few of the things you should check on throughout the summer to keep… Read more »

Tips for Landscaping in the Spring

Spring Landscaping

Spring is the most wonderful time of the year if you enjoy landscaping. After a long winter, the spring gives you a chance to get your home’s yard back into shape and to make it look great again. However, before you get started, there are a few steps you should take. Check out a few… Read more »

Why Mulching Is Important to Your Home’s Landscape


What is “mulch?” It’s a beneficial material made from decaying leaves, tree bark, compost and more. This concoction gets spread over or around plants in order to benefit them in several ways. Mulching is important for many reasons, including insulation, water retention, weed protection and beauty. The Importance of Mulching What is “mulch?” It’s a… Read more »

Why Should You Irrigate Your Lawn?

Lawn Irrigation

When you irrigate your lawn, you poke small holes into the soil in order to let water, nutrients, and air get deep down into the roots of your grass. By doing this, it allows the roots to grow much deeper and it makes your lawn look significantly better in the process. It can be especially… Read more »

Why It’s Important to Mulch

Did you just plant a new tree on your property? If you haven’t done it already, you should consider putting down some mulch around the base of the tree. Mulch will help your tree to retain water by keeping the roots underneath of the ground moist. This will provide it with all of the water… Read more »

Water-Saving Strategies for Your Lawn and Garden

While it might be tempting to let your sprinklers run every day in pursuit of a picture-perfect lawn, it’s also costly and environmentally inefficient. The same idea applies to heavily watering your plants and flowers. So, what’s a gardener to do? The short answer: a few things. Thanks to the help of our lawn and… Read more »

Low-Maintenance Ground Cover Alternatives to Grass

Low-Maintenance Ground Cover Alternatives to Grass

If you love having a beautiful backyard, but aren’t a big fan of all of the upkeep that it takes to maintain the lawn, you might be interested in installing a low-maintenance alternative to grass instead. Whether you’re looking for drought-tolerant options or a set-it-and-forget it ground cover, there are plenty of plantings to consider…. Read more »

Worried About Snow? It Can Actually be Good for Your Lawn!

Worried About Snow? It Can Actually be Good for Your Lawn!

You might think of snow as something your yard has to battle during the chilly winter months, but snowfall can actually be good for your lawn. There are a few ways snow can benefit your yard to keep it healthy and beautiful during the warmer months of the year. Snow as an Insulator Snow is… Read more »

Water-Saving Strategies for Lawn Care

Water-Saving Strategies for Lawn Care

During the sweltering months of summer, it can take a lot of water to keep your lawn looking healthy and green. If you’re not careful about your watering habits, it can wind up costing you a bundle on your utility bills. The good news is there are a few simple things every homeowner can do… Read more »

When Sprucing up Your Curb Appeal, Go with the Pros

Turning your front or backyard from grass, mulch and bricks into a fully developed, beautifully landscaped environment can add appeal to any plot. There are, however, tons of ideas, information and material you can employ to get the job done and it could be overwhelming for the do-it-yourself-er. Professional landscapers help with all the steps… Read more »