Building a Budget for Your Next Big Landscaping Project

Building a Budget for Your Next Big Landscaping Project

So you’ve finally finished remodeling the interior of your home and now you’re ready to set your sights outward. You’ve got ideas – a pergola, a brick walkway, flower beds below the bay window – but you’re not quite ready to dive in just yet. First you need to build a budget you can live with, and determine how much of that total budget you’re willing to commit to each component of your landscape design.

Start With a Ballpark Estimate

To maximize the return on your investment, real estate experts typically recommend expecting to spend between 5 and 15 percent of your home’s value on its landscaping. Sit down with a calculator, and use this as a guideline to get you started. Once you figure out what you’re comfortable spending, then you can start prioritizing the different design elements in your project.

Hire a Professional

Depending on the size and scope of your project, working with a professional landscape architect may be an absolute necessity. Even if it’s not, however, a professional can help you avoid costly errors, source materials at lower prices and develop an effective plan to complete the project in a timely manner.

Establish Priorities

Make a list of all the components of your project. Which pieces will cost the most? Which will stand to net you the greatest return on your investment? Ideally, you should start with a larger “cornerstone” piece, and then flesh out the rest of your design from there. Consider how long you plan on staying in your home as well. If the goal is to boost its value and sell it in a year, your priorities will be different than if you plan on sticking around for another five years.

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