Bugs That Actually Help Your Garden

Bugs That Actually Help Your Garden

Grounds Management Services in Annapolis, MDIf you’re an aspiring gardener or still polishing up your green thumb, you might see any bug that dares to enter your garden as an intruder to be eliminated.

As you become more familiar with the ins and outs of gardening, however, you’ll learn that some insects are actually quite beneficial for your plant life. These friendly bugs feed on pest insects that can damage and destroy different parts of your garden. Some people even introduce them into their garden purposefully as a means of targeted pest control!

Here are a few helpful insects you should greet with a smile if you spot them in your garden:


Some people believe that ladybugs are good luck—and for the gardener that’s true! Adult ladybugs and their larvae feed on spider mites, mealybugs, fleas, insect eggs, and more. You can attract them to your garden by planting dill, fennel, common yarrow, and plant angelica, to name a few.

Soldier Beetles

The soldier beetle uses its large proboscis (an elongated, tube-like mouthpart) to suck out the life juices of pests including caterpillars, aphids, Colorado potato bugs, and cabbage worms. If you want these insects to protect your garden, try planting catnip, goldenrod, or hydrangeas.


These beautiful green insects prey on aphids, caterpillars, whiteflies, and other soft-bodied insects that threaten your garden. It is actually their larvae, laid on egg stalks underneath the leaves of plants, that do a majority of the feeding. Lacewings are attracted to coreopsis, cosmos, and golden marguerite.

Aphid Midge

Aphids are tiny common garden pests that suck the nutrients from leaves and flowers, leaving considerable damage in their wake. The aphid midge feeds on over 60 different species of these annoying insects, keeping their population under control and your garden in good shape. Aphid midges are attracted mostly to pollen plants.

If you find it difficult to distinguish friend from foe when it comes to the insects in your garden, leave it to the landscaping team at VistaPro Landscape & Design. Our grounds management professionals will take care of everything from mulching and weeding to seasonal cleanups and plant rotations to ensure your home exterior stays beautiful year-round.

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