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You can’t help but feel disappointed by the direction that your lawn has gone, huh? And of course, by direction we mean southward. Are you wondering where the plush Bermuda grass, which was positively thriving when you moved in two years ago, has gone? The truth is, it is way easier to kill a lawn than nurture one, and if your thumb is more jaded than actually green then it’s sometimes difficult to figure out exactly what went wrong.

The good news however, is that you have a gardening partner in us at VistaPro Landscape & Design, so we can help you untangle those weeds and put your lawn on a proper footing to return it to the condition you remember when you first signed the escrow papers. More to the point, our maintenance team of professional Annapolis Maryland landscapers are standing by with an array of services, from seasonal cleanup to weekly maintenance, designed to transform your lawn into the best one in the subdivision.

Annapolis’ Premier Landscaping Company…

At VistaPro Landscape & Design, we endeavor to be the best landscapers in Annapolis, and we do so by providing superior customer service, coupled to our extensive knowledge base and understanding of what your Annapolis backyard needs to thrive, to arrive at the perfect lawn solution for your home. Once planted, your grass, bushes, and flowers need ongoing attention to maximize how great your lawn looks, and our ground maintenance team is committed to doing exactly that. It seems as if for every season there is a lawn related chore, and you can rest easy knowing that our team is on the job and getting them done.

Full Service Ground Services…

As noted, there are numerous ways to kill off a lawn. Whether you simply forgot to water it, or got over enthused and watered it far too much, this feast or famine approach can prove to be a shock to the root system of your lawn. Additionally, the myriad of maintenance tasks from weeding to pruning to the removal of dead foliage can spell the difference between landing on the pages of Better Home and Gardens and landing on the bad side of your neighbors as your dilapidated lawn sends their property values into a tailspin.

Seasonal cleanups are critical in maintaining the vitality of your lawn. From ensuring that the leaves of fall are picked up before they have a chance to do permanent damage to your grass to cleaning up the debris of winter prior to your spring tulip planting, our fully bonded and licensed Annapolis landscapers are ready to complete any task from the major to the minutia to keep your yard looking great.

We Get the Job Done Right at VistaPro Landscaping…

When it comes time to level-up, in terms of your backyard’s appearance, those of us at VistaPro hope that you call us to help you realize your vision. As the premiere Annapolis landscaping company, we have the team and the resources to ensure that your yard is healthy, happy, and looking great. As a full service design company, we specialize in the transformation of outdoor spaces into outdoor sanctuaries, which you will marvel at every time you step out on to your back patio. Call our ground management team today, so that you can be living a maintenance free backyard experience this summer.