Advice for Homeowners Working with a Professional Landscaper

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Hiring a professional landscaper is the best way to make the most of your outdoor space. A company with expertise and experience in landscape design and installation will be able to transform your property to reflect your vision, ensuring it is fully functional and beautiful to behold.

Unless you have unlimited resources and no preferences, you can’t just hire a landscaper and tell them to do whatever they want with your yard. Bringing your landscape dreams to life is going to be a collaborative effort between you, the homeowner, and the professional you hire to help you. Check out these tips below to help you work with your landscaping company effectively and efficiently to create the outdoor space you’ve always wanted!

Be clear about your budget.

Landscaping costs can add up quickly—faster than you probably realize. It is essential that you have a budget in mind, ideally before you even hire someone to do the work.

Before you start choosing plants for the garden or a brick color for the patio, make sure you and your professional are on the same page about cost. Not only does your landscaper need to know your budget so they don’t go over, but also so they are able to come up with a plan that makes your money go as far as possible.

Discuss your landscape vision with your professional early.

Right from the get-go, you need to ensure your landscaper understands what you have in mind for your property, so they are able to plan accordingly. It’s important to discuss not just your short-term vision for your space, but your long-term goals as well. This way, your professional can design a master plan that sets you up to make future additions and improvements in phases over the next few years.

While you should be as clear and specific as possible about your vision, you should also be open to hearing your landscaper’s feedback and recommendations too. After all, their expertise and imagination are the reason you hired them!

Provide them with any pertinent information.

There are probably some questions your landscaping professional will need you to answer, as well as some documents they’ll need you to provide. You’ll likely have to fill out a questionnaire or form about materials and services you’d like, as well as supply a copy of your property plat.

It’s a good idea to write down any specific requests you have and inform your landscaper of any restrictions that need to be factored into the design or installation process. These factors may include neighborhood or HOA rules or project time restrictions. Even seemingly small considerations should be mentioned, such as if anyone in the house has certain plant allergies or if you’ll need materials that are non-toxic to dogs.

Let your landscaper do their thing.

Once you guys have created and approved an initial design and installation is underway, it’s time for you to take a step back. It’s understandable if you’re excited and want to look on at every step of progress, but the professionals need room to do their job.

You should make yourself available, in case the landscapers have a question, need you to make a decision about something, or have any other concerns. Too much involvement on your part, however, will only hinder—not help—their work.

Come up with a maintenance plan together.

After your landscape installation is complete, you need to be prepared to take care of the considerable investment you just made. The first thing to decide is whether or not you’ll be DIYing your landscape maintenance or hiring a professional to handle the upkeep. If you plan to hire someone, ask your landscape design and installation team if their company does maintenance work too. Even if they don’t, they will probably have some solid recommendations for you about who to contact.

If you decide to give your own green thumb a chance, ask your professional about the specific care needs of your new landscape. They will be able to help you outline a maintenance plan, answer your questions, and provide the information you need to keep everything in good shape.

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