How to Maintain Your Flagstone to Keep Your Patio Looking Immaculate

custom flagstone patio

One of the best ways to convey authenticity in your landscape design is by using flagstone. Flagstone is a beautiful, natural stone ideal for outdoor patios and is available in various colors, styles, and finishes. It’s relatively easy to maintain and can last for centuries if properly managed.

Here are a few tips on maintaining your flagstone patio to keep it looking immaculate for years to come!

Sweep Regularly

It is important to sweep your flagstone patio regularly, as dirt and debris can easily build upon its surface. This buildup can lead to discoloration and staining. Use a broom or a dust mop to get rid of dirt at least once a week, and make it a habit to sweep if there has been a lot of wind that could cause more debris on your patio than usual.

Avoid Excess Water

Too much exposure to water can cause flagstone to become discolored. Excess water on the surface can lead to the growth of mold or mineral buildup, and it can cause weathering of the stone. Use a squeegee to remove water or condensation on your flagstone as if you were mopping it.  

Invest in a Stone Cleaner

Not all cleaners are appropriate for natural stone. Some cleaners can damage the stone by etching it or discoloring it. Choose a cleaner designed for natural stone to clean your flagstone patio. Follow the instructions carefully and use it with a soft mop or sponge. You can also use it with a low-pressure garden sprayer. Follow up with a rinse and squeegee the remaining water.

Remove Stains with Outdoor Bleach

Outdoor bleach is not the same bleach you use to clean your house or clothes; it is specially designed to use on outdoor walls, fences, and stone. You can use this bleach to spot clean stains that appear on your flagstone patio. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for the bleach carefully, and thoroughly rinse your patio once you are done. A good cleaning should be done every year to three years, including spot cleaning the stains.

At VistaPro Landscape & Design, we understand that properly maintaining your flagstone patio will add value to your home. We specialize in working with and installing natural stone during hardscaping projects and can provide you with the best natural stone options in the business.

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