5 Ideas for Upgrading Your Patio This Summer

Professional Landscaping Company in Annapolis, MDHaving a patio in your backyard gives you a little something extra to look forward to when the weather gets nice again each year. It’s the perfect place to relax, enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and make lasting memories with friends and family.

After a few years, you may find yourself getting bored with your patio and thinking it needs a revamp. If you reopened your patio in the last few weeks to find that’s the case, here are a few projects that can give your space the upgrade you’re looking for!

1) Outdoor Kitchen

Add a little more function to your backyard patio with a gorgeous outdoor kitchen. When you can cook meals and mix cocktails right outside, you’ll find yourself using your patio more often. Not to mention, an outdoor kitchen makes it an even more ideal spot for entertaining.

2) Plant Life

Make the area around your patio livelier and more inviting with a fresh garden, new shrubbery, or a few small trees. You might be surprised at how powerful the effect of colorful flowers, rich greenery, and even just some new mulch will have on the look of your patio space.

3) Pergola

A pergola will provide your patio with some much-needed shade and cover, so you can still enjoy it on hot summer days and rainy spring afternoons. It’ll also offer you protection from the wind and pesky bugs (making it more appealing to use your patio at night), as well as give you an interesting place to display some more of that plant life.

4) Waterfall Feature

Transform your patio from an average sitting area to a relaxing oasis with a beautiful waterfall feature. A landscape waterfall on your patio will enhance your outdoor living experience with soothing sounds, the entrancing flow of water, and a unique design element that creates a luxurious, tranquil ambiance.

5) Stone Masonry

If your patio is currently concrete, having it replaced with brick or natural stone pavers will take it to the next level. Not only will your patio be more attractive, but the new durable materials will ensure it lasts longer. If you already have a stone or brick patio, you can add stone masonry accents—such as a mortar ledge wall or stone columns—to elevate the look, better define your space, and make it a little more private.

VistaPro Landscape & Design offers a wide variety of landscaping and hardscaping sevices (including everything above and more) to help you improve your patio and any other area of your outdoor space! If you know you need an upgrade but aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry—our experts will work with you to create the perfect design for your landscape and then bring it to life.

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