5 Advantages of Planting Trees on Your Property

Trees in Backyard on Green Lawn

When homeowners think about enhancing their landscape, their first thoughts are often of elaborate flower gardens or outdoor living features. But there is a simple, effective way to upgrade your landscape that is often overlooked—planting trees!

Trees are a great addition to any property for a number of reasons. As an added bonus, once they’re established, they offer these benefits in exchange for fairly low-maintenance care requirements. Let’s take a look at a couple of reasons why you’ll love having trees as a part of your landscape!

1) Improve air quality.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutant gases from the air, trap them in their leaves and bark, and then filter the oxygen back into the air. The more trees you have on your property, the better the quality the air will be surrounding your home.

2) Make your landscape beautiful.

If you’re looking to add color and visual interest to your landscape, trees are an easy (and cost-effective) way to do it. There are many different species to choose from to achieve the look you want with many different foliage colors, seasonal changes, flower blooms, fruit, shapes, and sizes.

3) Conserve energy in your home.

Trees can act as a barrier between your home and certain weather conditions. In the summer, they’ll provide shade to block heat from the sun from warming up your home. In the winter, they’ll provide wind protection to prevent cold air from getting in. This can help you save energy and money on utility usage.

4) Add privacy to your property.

Tall or voluminous trees can block neighbors and passersby from seeing into your home and yard. They’ll also provide a noise barrier to reduce noise pollution. With this added privacy, you’ll be able to better enjoy your time both outside and inside of your property.

5) Increase property value.

All of these benefits trees add to your property make your home more appealing to potential buyers. A beautiful landscape, along with the privacy and energy savings trees offer, is a major selling point for homes on the market. Should you decide to sell your house down the line, you’ll find your trees yield a high ROI.

If you want the trees on your property to grow to be healthy and beautiful, you should enlist a professional landscaping service to plant them. At VistaPro Landscape & Design, we offer landscape planting services to liven up your yard with trees, shrubbery, flower beds, grass, and whatever else you have in mind.

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