4 Landscaping Projects to Help Keep Your Backyard Cooler This Summer

Summer is the perfect time of year to take full advantage of your outdoor space. The weather is gorgeous, kids are out of school, and daylight is plentiful—what more could you ask for?

The only problem with hanging out in your backyard during the summer is that the blazing sun and high temperatures can make you uncomfortably hot very quickly, making your outdoor rest and relaxation time a little less, well…relaxing. Make your time outside more enjoyable (and avoid a nasty sunburn) with one of these landscaping features to keep you cool!

1) Plant shade trees.

The leafy refuge that shade trees provide are a simple, yet effective way to cool down not just your backyard, but your entire home and landscape. Plus, trees are less expensive, low-maintenance, and make your backyard more beautiful to behold. Oak, maple, and elm are all sturdy, shady options.

2) Build a backyard structure

Outdoor structures like pergolas and arbors can provide the shade you need to enjoy your backyard while adding elegance and charm to your space. You can customize outdoor structures to complement your existing landscape and place them where you want shade the most. Build one off the side of your house, next to the pool, or over your patio!

3) Install a pool.

Speaking of pools, this one is a no brainer! The refreshing water will cool you down in seconds on a hot summer day and be available to you whenever you want it. Installing an inground pool will also make your yard a more luxurious spot for relaxation, fun for the entire family, and ideal for entertaining friends.

4) Add a water feature.

Many people think of water features as a purely aesthetic addition to your landscape. However, the presence and flow of water in a pond, stream, waterfall, fountain, or other aquatic feature actually helps keep temperatures in the surrounding atmosphere cooler by adding moisture to the air. Turn your backyard into an oasis and knock it down a few degrees Fahrenheit at the same time!

If you need help cooling down your backyard this summer or for next year, VistaPro Landscape & Design can help you out!

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