3 Landscape Lighting Tips to Keep in Mind

3 Landscape Lighting Tips to Keep in Mind

Fall is the perfect time to have your friends over for a bonfire and enjoy those cool, crisp evenings together! Cook up some hearty dinner in your backyard kitchen, carve pumpkins on the deck, and embrace the season with fun and family.

Unfortunately, as the leaves change and temperatures drop, the days become shorter and darkness sets in earlier. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon your yard early though. Focus on functional and atmospheric lighting solutions for your landscaping this fall to make your space safe and inviting for you and your guests!

1.) Start from your house and work outward.

You might be tempted to start planning your lighting around the features out in your yard like trees, pathways, etc. But your focus should really begin around the most important part of your property—your house!

Your first priority needs to be safety when it comes to landscape lighting. Illuminate the areas around your home you use the most, such as entryways, windows, and stairs. Highlight your favorite architectural features too. This way, as you add lighting throughout your yard, everything will look elegant and cohesive.

2.) Have different types of light.

Landscape lighting doesn’t have to either be functional or ambient—it can be both! Strategic ambient lighting is great for entertaining. Softly light up your patio, deck, and pathways to create a warm glow.

Accent lighting, on the other hand, is used primarily to draw focus to your favorite (and most impressive) landscape features. Place these lights subtly under your fireplace, around your pond, and along your garden. Lastly, there’s task lighting. These are the bright lights you install around your doorways and along the stairs to make your space safe, secure, and easy to navigate in the dark.

3.) Plan ahead.

Just as you should do with any landscape project, make a plan before you start making moves. Create a sketch of your yard that includes the features already in place. Think about where adding light would be most effective visually and functionally.

Take measurements of your space to help you choose the best light fixtures. You don’t want to end up with something that looks out of place or doesn’t get the job done! Don’t overwhelm your landscape with light though either, and risk making it look busy or distracting. Determine how much light you need before you buy it to avoid wasting your time and money.

Get your landscape ready for fall with the help of an expert team from VistaPro Landscape & Design! We can help you customize your property with functional lighting that creates the atmosphere you have in mind. Contact us today to get started!

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