Snow Removal Safety Tips

Snow Removal Safety Tips

The winter season can be a beautiful time of year, but when it comes to removing snow from your driveway and sidewalks, things can get a little messy. In addition to being rather unpleasant, shoveling snow can also be quite dangerous if you’re not careful. Shoveling snow can require some serious heavy lifting, so people with heart conditions should talk to their doctor about whether their heart is healthy enough to shovel. Exposure to cold weather and slip and fall hazards can pose threats while shoveling as well.

The National Safety Council says to avoid shoveling right after eating, or while you’re smoking. Instead of waiting for a snowfall to end, shovel early and often to minimize the amount of weight you have to lift. It’s easier to remove light layers of snow rather than a thick layer of compacted snow. Lift snow by bending at the knees instead of bending your back. Push the snow out of the way if you can avoid lifting it.

When operating a snow blower, work in sections to avoid overdoing it. Be careful if it jams. Turn it off, and don’t reach your hand into the motor if it’s still on. Don’t run your snow blower in an enclosed space, since it releases carbon monoxide. Only refuel your snow blower when it’s off and cool.

It’s important to dress appropriately as well. Top insulating base layers with a light waterproof jacket to keep yourself comfortable in the cold. Avoid cotton if possible. If you feel yourself start to overheat, take a break and remove a layer or two until your temperature returns to normal.

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