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How would you like to take a vacation without leaving your house? If you could imagine your perfect pool experience, what would it look like? What would it include?

VistaPro Landscape & Design’s pool and spa designers are ready to help you make your in-ground pool vision come to life.

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Pool decks

One of the things that best accents your pool is your deck. Designing the area surrounding the pool is an important part of the pool environment and overall look. Plan the way you want it to look before hiring it done, in order to achieve the best effect that fits your idea on what you want. You can use any kind of materials, such as wood, rock, concrete, or other. It’s a good idea to draw out how you want the deck to work with the pool before hiring someone.


Patios can be a beautiful accent to your pool environment. Accent it with rock gardens, wooden tables and chairs and numerous other accents for the perfect place to relax and enjoy life.


Everyone loves waterfall. The sound of rushing water cascades over our senses and adds to the whole pool experience. You can have your very own waterfall with Vista Pro Pools and Spas Landscape & Design. They can create the perfect environment accented with lovely waterfalls into your pool.


Slides are a great accent for kids to enjoy jumping in via the slide on the side of the pool. Kids love slides. Ask Vista Pro pool building and spa experts to help you with this.

Jump rocks

Strategically placed rocks along the side of the pool add a beautiful accent to waterfalls and all of the other scenery you place beside your pool and along your deck. Give kids a cool place to jump off from the waterfall or from rock formations you design with the help of Vista Pro.

Stone Masonry and Brick Patios

You can choose from a variety of materials include stone and brick to align your deck and pool area. Think about how you want the final look to be and include this in your plans when presenting it to your landscapers.

Saltwater Beach Entry and Lap Pools

Create a complete fantasy experience surrounding your pool with a saltwater beach entry and lap pool.


With a little creative planning and assistance from VistaPro Landscape & Design, you can create the perfect relaxing environment for kids and adults alike. Contact us for more information to get started on your dream vacation…in your own backyard.

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